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Our Indigenous Heritage

Aboriginal artwork

Monaro High School welcomes the newly established Indigenous Education Cabinet (IEC). The IEC was formed in 2019 by Miss Maddison Godden and superseded the Monaro branch of the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG).  The former AECG provided a forum for Indigenous students to share and receive cultural support.

The Indigenous Education Committee contributes to Indigenous matters within the school. In 2021, the organisation reformed as an independent student body under the leadership of students Liam Stewart and Brooke Fletcher, and have absorbed various responsibilities relating to Indigenous affairs such as the Creation of New, permanent Acknowledgements of Country and arrangement of cultural excursions for students. The Indigenous Education Cabinet looks forward to working towards the improvement of Indigenous affairs in 2022.

We are committed to closing the achievement gap for Aboriginal students. We know that we need to learn about, nurture and value the cultural identity of our Aboriginal students in order to assist them to be successful learners.

We welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family members, parents and community members to our school so that we can get to know eachother, learn about the Ngarigo People of th Monaro region and develop shared goals and plans for Aboriginal students. We encourage Aboriginal students to learn how to negotiate and develop strategies by providing unique leadership opportunities.

We are more than happy to share and discuss what is happening at the school.